nodeX in Googleland

April 21, 2017
nodeX visits Google
A inspiring journey through the Silicon Valley.

I have something to smile when I think back to the early days of Google. On the course at the university 'How do I use Google' - one hour theory and one hour free googling. How the user interface of the search engine almost didn’t change in the past 20 years. Now that's a successful (non-) design.

In the gallery, a photo of the famous garage where Hewlett and Packard manufactured their first audio oscillators in 1938 - the Silicon Valley was born.

A highlight when visiting the Silicon Valley: The Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

Unfortunately, no public access to the site of Facebook. Something understandable, they resident at Hacker Way.

Some culture should be. Playoff Hockey Oilers vs Sharks - which unfortunately ended not so well for the valley dwellers.